Timetable and Contact Details


 —   BEGINNERS   —

         FRIDAY      Morning     

         10am  –  12 noon


        TOPSHAM  –  Matthews Hall




        TUESDAY      Evening

        6pm  –  8:30 pm

        Life Drawing

        EXETER –  Exeter Community Centre




         TUESDAY        Morning

         10am  –  12.30pm


         TOPSHAM – Matthews Hall


         FRIDAY        Afternoon

         1:30pm  –  4 pm


         TOPSHAM   –  Matthews Hall



 —   CONTACT   —

       June Janes   

       Home   01392   666609

       Mobile     07305731043

       or email     junejanes@virginmedia.com 


Also available:

Private tuition to expand your portfolio
with quality drawings, ready for application
to college/university courses



This course is specifically
designed for Beginners with little or no drawing experience.
We will be working directly from
the still life object or figure. We
will be looking at drawing techniques
around Line and Tone.
There will be a fairly thorough
introduction to Colour.

You will need to bring an A3 size drawing pad and pencil and rubber.



These classes are suitable for Beginners
through to Advanced.
We will be looking at Line and Tone
for both the  ‘likeness’ and the quality of drawing.
There will also be a fairly thorough
introduction to Colour, specifically
with reference to the colour of light and
shade across the figure.

Learners will be taught through a combination of
demonstrations from your tutor,
whole group teaching and one to one tuition.
This one to one tuition ensures that you can
work at your own pace.

You will need to bring all drawing or painting medium.


Drawing boards are provided.

Tuesday evening Life Drawing classes also has easels provided.